Meet the Board Podcast Series: Marven Norman in the Inland Empire

Today we wrap up our Streetsblog California “Meet the Board” podcast series with an interview with the Inland Empire Bicycle Alliance Executive Director and Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice Policy Coordinator Marven Norman.

Norman recounts his roots in advocacy, beginning as a bike commuter who struggled with streets designed without keeping in mind the safety of bicycle riders or people walking or waiting for transit. Today he is one of the most recognizable faces of bike advocacy in the Inland Empire, if not the entire state, holding down multiple leadership positions.

This podcast holds a special place in my heart, as Marven was actually the guest on the second episode of my first podcast, #DamienTalks, back in May of 2015. As a longtime follower of Marven’s work, it’s fun to look back and see how far he’s come and how much advocacy has grown in the past six years. However, as Norman notes, there is still an overwhelming amount of work to be done to make the Inland Empire a safe and enjoyable place to ride a bicycle or take a walk.

This is the seventh and last podcast in our “meet the board” series.  Check out the other posts in the series, in which we talk to Streetsblog governing board members Jon WeissCarter Rubin, Kris FortinTerra Curtis, James Sinclair, and Abby Arnold.


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