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Streetsblog California home
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Comment Moderation Policy

Streetsblog welcomes online community discussion and encourages you to sign up for a Disqus account and join the dialogue.

Streetsblog is a moderated forum. We work hard to maintain a high level of quality and collegiality in Streetsblog’s comments section. We may edit or delete ad hominem attacks, unnecessary or uncreative profanity, off-topic posts, lengthy or poorly written rants, flat-earth arguments, and comments that we feel don’t add any value to the conversation that’s underway. Banning commenters or other actions will only occur in case of repeated offenses or a truly awful and unredeemable comment.

The Streetsblog California comments section is moderated by Melanie Curry and Damien Newton.  It is in the sole discretion of the moderators whether a comment is appropriate and what, if any, action needs to be taken.

Commenters who use a real name or established identity and have participated for some time in the online community will generally be given much more leeway than those who post anonymously, under a clearly fake name, or under a nickname.

We prefer that the Streetsblog comments not become a Livable Streets advocacy echo chamber. We encourage debate and are happy to see opposing viewpoints intelligently expressed and cogently argued in the comments section.