Damien Talks Episode 2: Bike Inland Empire’s Marven Norman

Marven Norman
Marven Norman

Welcome to the second episode of #DamienTalks. This week, Damien talks with Marven Norman with the Inland Empire Bicycle Alliance and Inlandfiets. Marven has been fighting the good fight in a part of California where commutes are long and many people have to bike between cities to get where they need to go.

Norman makes a strong case for separated bike lanes and the need for both better education and better infrastructure to make the streets safer for people who bike and for every other road user.

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2 thoughts on Damien Talks Episode 2: Bike Inland Empire’s Marven Norman

  1. We at IEBA have been wanting to host a field trip to see them, but there hasn’t really been a whole lot of interest from those individuals doing the planning, policymaking, or designing yet. We’re still at the “how wide should we make the lane before you’ll feel comfortable sharing it?” and “we try to do a six foot bike lane not counting the gutter” stage. Hopefully that phase will end soon and then a field trip would get better reception.

  2. Great hearing about some of the work you’re doing, Marven! And it’s so true that new builds present an amazing opportunity—no retrofit required.

    With nearby examples such as Temple City’s protected bike lane on Rosemead:


    Or one of the Long Beach cycletracks:


    Do you ever give city leaders/policymakers tours of these areas? I love that these things are much closer now than the somewhat abstract notion of something 5k miles away in the Netherlands.

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