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Active Transportation Program Cut Because Administration Wants to Prioritize Highways

The Newsom administration wants to cut the ATP because Caltrans is tired of having its state highway funding tapped.

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CA Will Continue to Undermine its Climate Goals by Widening Highways

CTC approved funding to widen I-80, and a bill that would have reformed funding for freight corridors was killed by the Appropriations Committee

Op-Ed: This ‘Bike to Work’ Day, Let’s Pass Bold Policies to Support Cyclists

"It is hard to think of another mode of transportation that is a more powerful tool to meet [our challenges.]"

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Friday’s Headlines

LA Metro to get more police; Hundreds of bills die; More

California Transportation Commission This Week: Funding for I-80 Yolo Causeway Widening

Clearly Caltrans leadership doesn't take its own guidelines on mitigating induced travel very seriously.

Advocates Push for Safety Improvements in San Diego

"Fix the Fatal 15" calls attention to the fifteen most dangerous intersections in the city, and advocates offer inexpensive, practical solutions.

Governor Announces “May Revise” Budget Proposal

Active Transportation Program is gutted - unnecessarily

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Mayor Breed Promises Protected Bike Lanes for Street in Front of City Hall

"Even if some supervisors have to give up their parking spaces," she said at a "Bike to Wherever Day" event

Metro Committee Approves $225M Cost Overrun for Westside Subway Section 1 Construction

Wilshire subway 4-mile extension section 1 (Western to La Cienega) budget swells from from $3.14B to $3.35B. Section construction is 91 percent done, now anticipated to open fall 2025

Call to Action: Stop More Freeway Widening, Stop Cuts to Bike/Walk Projects

The Oakland Alameda "Access" Project, the Gilman Interchange, the Yolo Causeway—why is there always money for car infrastructure, but the pittance allotted to bike and walk projects is the first to get cut?

This City Leader Wants Drivers to Pay $850/Year to Register Their Cars — And Give the Money to Transit

What if driver had a choice between paying for the equivalent of a yearly bus pass just to register a car, or skipping the DMV and taking the actual bus for free?

‘We Have the Power To Reshape our Cities’: Hoboken Mayor Reflects on Seven Years of Vision Zero Success

"It is our duty, as elected officials, public policymakers, and advocates, like many of us here today, to face these challenges head on, and recognize that the status quo doesn’t always cut it."

Thursday’s Headlines

Speed limits are too high; Reimagining urban highways; Measuring complete streets progress; More

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