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Melanie Curry

Streetsblog California editor Melanie Curry has been thinking about transportation, and how to improve conditions for bicyclists, since her early days commuting by bike to UCLA long ago. She was Managing Editor at the East Bay Express, and edited Access Magazine for the University of California Transportation Center. She also earned her Masters in City Planning from UC Berkeley.

Monday’s Headlines

COP28 is a fossil fuel lobby party; Santa Clarita Transit bus drivers vote to end 2-month strike; Leaders celebrate new express lanes in OC; AV pods are really pushing it; More

December 4, 2023

Friday’s Headlines

A glossary of road safety terms; Contra Costa looks to invest millions in a personal rapid transit system - no, not bike lanes; Rancho Cucamonga again bans pedestrians on Christmas Tree Lane "for safety"; More

December 1, 2023

Bay Area Transit Agencies Struggle to Define a Vision for the Future

Leaders plan to put a regional tax measure on the ballot, but first they need to show what those taxes would do for the Bay Area transit system

November 29, 2023

Tuesday’s Headlines

Why banning right turns on red will be a challenge; If not for SUVs, emissions would have been reduced by a lot; Alarming death rates among unhoused people; More

November 28, 2023

Monday’s Headlines

LA missed a chance with the I-10 closure; BART and Muni have to do even more about fare evasion to get bailout money; Driverless cars are stressing cities; More

November 27, 2023

Wednesday’s Headlines

CA Assembly Committee Chairs announced: New Transpo Chair is Lori Wilson; Who lives in those new Oakland highrises? More than 500 unhoused people died in San Diego County this year; More

November 22, 2023

Tuesday’s Headlines

We've passed the crucial temperature point; GHGs are rising, but we're still frantically fixing freeways instead of changing our ways; More

November 21, 2023

Monday’s Headlines

Evictions are spiking; They fixed that freeway in ten days, why can't they fastrack other transportation modes? More

November 20, 2023

“Sneak Preview” of the California Bike Summit: Webinar

Panelists will describe bike infrastructure successes in San Diego, what worked in advocating and communication, and how anyone can apply the same strategies.

November 17, 2023