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Here We Go Again: Pedestrian Safety Month Means Watch Out, People!

California Highway Patrol supports Pedestrian Safety Month with yet another tone deaf Public Safety Announcement putting the onus for safety on the most vulnerable people using roads

2:13 PM PDT on September 8, 2023

September is Pedestrian Safety Month! Doesn't that make you feel safer about walking? Actually the CHP probably doesn't think so, given the PSA they put out recently that reminds pedestrians that it's all on them to stay safe. In all caps, no less, and with a questionable use of commas.

KEEP YOUR EYES UP, AND YOUR PHONE DOWN (never text and walk! Drivers are on their phones and need you to watch for them)
LOOK LEFT, RIGHT AND LEFT AGAIN (maybe they should add "and up and down" for good measure)
ALWAYS WALK ON SIDEWALKS (if there are any)
WEAR BRIGHT-COLORED CLOTHING (because black is so last century)
MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH DRIVERS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET (even if you can't see them because their windows are illegally tinted. CHP will not do anything about illegally tinted windows)
DO NOT RUN OR DART OUT INTO THE STREET OR CROSS BETWEEN PARKED CARS (although even if you are positively sauntering, a driver may still claim you "darted out")

As usual, the CHP's windshield perspective reveals their view that people trying to navigate streets on foot are merely in the way of the people who really matter - drivers - who don't really seem to have any responsibilities for keeping people safe.

Luckily, the responses to this announcement on the platform formerly known as Twitter were swift and to the point. How can one "make eye contact" through illegally tinted windows, people ask? What about people who wave you on and then cut in front of you anyway?

Thanks, @CHP_HQ. This information is really, really, really helpful. Not.

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