Today’s Headlines

  • Asm. Transportation Committee Chair Frazier bows to the oil industry, and the rest of us suffer (CALmatters)
  • Gas prices are high, not because of state policy or anything–due to “refinery work” (Sacramento Bee)
  • Planners envision a greenway from Berkeley through Oakland, Emeryville, to the Bay (Berkeleyside)
  • After wildfires, population in North Bay falls (Curbed)
  • High-speed rail in the Central Valley could help with Bay Area housing, job crisis (ABC)
  • What does it mean to have healthy people and thriving communities? (NRDC)
  • It takes everybody: community engagement is vital for building resilience (Governing)
  • It should not take a year to get a building permit (Strong Towns)
  • “We’re being mowed over”: grieving the death of a bike advocate (DCist)

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