Today’s Headlines

  • Californians are divided along racial lines re: COVID worries, responses (SF Chronicle)
  • U.S. transit agencies lobby for congressional help (Post-Gazette)
  • U.S. Senate Democrats recommend less driving as committee approves billions for new roads (Transportation for America)
  • Spain says transit is safe, please take buses and trains and stop driving so much (El Pais)
  • SF officials say they’ll work to reduce frivolous lawsuits that delay safety projects (SF Chronicle)
  • Investing in a zero-emission economy will be expensive – but “easily affordable” (Reuters)
  • California needs to build housing away from wildland interface (NPR)
  • With CDC moratorium, eviction filings fall (Bloomberg)
  • LA sheriff department’s response to deputy shooting is inflammatory, aggressive, racist, and full of falsehoods (LA Times)
  • REI gets into the e-bike game (Electrek)

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