Today’s Headlines

  • A proposed index to measure a city’s bike friendliness (Columbia)
  • Unless roads are designed to be forgiving, there’s no margin for error (Kostelec Planning)
  • More on governor’s executive order on funding, climate (Sacramento Business Journal)
  • Why Transportation for America is no longer advocating for more transportation funding
  • Tesla’s summon-your-car feature is live. And dangerous. Why is it legal? (Transport Topics)
  • Cars drivers are killing more and more pedestrians (Guardian)
  • “Cool” pavements: they forgot to account for reflectivity (CityLab)
  • Stockton’s experiment with universal income is half over (CityLab)
  • Politics, air quality, and the Central Valley residents who just want to breath clean air (CityLab)
  • How green infrastructure in Berkeley slows runoff, aids sustainability (Daily Cal)
  • Local air district approves plan to improve air quality in West Oakland (SF Gate)
  • LAX to end curbside pickup by Uber, Lyft (LA Times)

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