Today’s Headlines

  • Get ready for Bike to Work Day: This week in the Bay Area (Mercury News, Daily Republic, San Francisco Bike Coalition, Bike East Bay, Bike Silicon Valley)
  • How we talk about drivers hitting bicyclists matter (Outside)
  • Push to change roadway permits could force gender equity in Tour of California (Cycling News)
  • San Diego County Supervisors balk at SANDAG’s proposal to abandon highway projects in favor of transit (Voice of San Diego)
  • The 405 through the Sepulveda Pass was widened, and 5 years later traffic is slower (Curbed)
  • Report examines feasibility of expanding SMART in Northern California (Progressive Railroading)
  • In court, California is winning its environmental cases against the feds (LA Times)
  • Getting people to change their behavior to lower emissions is hard (Greenbiz)
  • City dwellers don’t like congestion pricing, until they do (NPR)
  • A credit card that helps you manage your carbon emissions (Inhabitat)

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