Today’s Headlines

  • Why fines for “distracted pedestrians” are a dumb idea (Globe and Mail)
  • Pedestrianizing is good; humanizing is better (CityMetric)
  • Sacramento is making itself more bike-friendly (Sacramento City Express)
  • Competition, pressure from feds and other states are driving CA DMV’s driverless vehicle regulations (GovTech)
  • Natural gas industry is panicking and fear mongering in California (Clean Technica)
  • Senate tax plan would even eliminate the commuter cycling benefit (Bicycling)
  • Sea level rise is already affecting California coast (Capitol Weekly)
  • So Cal smog is getting worse (LA Times)
  • Using Google Streetview to map people (Places Journal)
  • How bike-share makes money on data (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • The costs of housing costs (Capitol Weekly)
  • YIMBYs are having an effect on housing policies (Mercury News)

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