Today’s Headlines

  • Lawsuit ties up Santa Clara Measure B transit funds (Mercury News)
  • Bills could fix unfair traffic fine penalties (Mercury News)
  • Help map bicycle needs for new Napa Valley Bike Plan (Napa Valley Register)
  • San Jose residents look for pedestrian safety solutions (Mercury News)
  • Victim blaming is so easy: Now there’s a push to ticket pedestrians for using cellphones in California (CBS)
  • This is the real Idaho stop law: It’s not a free-for-all (Idaho Statesman)
  • Cap-and-trade deal includes lots of money for electric vehicles (LA Times)
  • Study: How 90 companies helped fuel climate change (Inside Climate News)
    • Report: How some companies are making it look like they’re fighting climate change (Washington Post)
  • Cars and bikes and the fatal myth of equal reciprocity (The Conversation)

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