Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. is slow to embrace bike-sharing (LA Times)
  • Eye candy: they’re auctioning off Robin Williams’ amazing kaleidoscope of bicycles for charity (Wall Street Journal)
  • Bay Bridge bike path finished, but not open (KCET)
  • Some local details on funding awards for affordable housing:
  • It’s not just a philosophical question: Should self-driving cars prioritize pedestrians or drivers? (TreeHugger)
  • Sounds about right—a rich city that struggles with its taxi drivers: Beverly Hills wants a fleet of self-driving cars (LA Times)
  • CA Highway 99 is “deadliest in nation” and naturally the solution is to make it smoother, faster (Sacramento Bee)
  • Interview: Nate Hood on pedestrian safety (Strong Towns)
  • What Trump’s troubles might mean for climate change legislation (CNBC)
  • D.C. Metro’s ugly solution: Disinvest in poor black neighborhoods (CityLab)
  • Some travel demand management strategies (MikeOnTraffic)
  • Mapping the most interesting neighborhoods in the world (City Observatory)
  • The connections between housing and economic mobility (Legislative Analyst’s Office)

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