Today’s Headlines

  • A hundred years ago, there was an electric train from Sacramento to San Francisco (Daily Republic)
  • San Diego’s transportation plan is a failure of imagination (San Diego Free Press)
  • #Caltrain Sucks, says Caltrain tweet, with irony (SF Gate)
  • Gilroy mayor weighs in on the future of transportation in the Silicon Valley (Gilroy Dispatch)
  • Senate votes to extend closure of Aliso Canyon gas storage facility (KPCC)
  • Bike-share operator Motivate is buying Detroit-made bikes (Co.Exist)
  • Too much parking is a big urban problem (Brown Political Review)
  • Study: Adding low-income housing to poor neighborhoods lowers crime, boosts property values (Vox)
  • The best time to break your car habit is when you move to a new home (CityLab)
  • To “age in place,” you need to be somewhere that’s easy to live without driving (NY Times)

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