Today’s Headlines

  • Now that high speed rail is talking routes, the NIMBYs are coming out (LA Times)  (NextCity)  (Fresno Bee)
  • Caltrans’ interregional plan is just more of its old highway-expanding ways (Climate Plan)
  • AHSC program grants: Differences between northern and southern California (MoveLA)
  • Models of how driverless cars work on the street kinda forgot about people walking and biking—but no, it’s not “natural to model intersections as if cars were the only mode that mattered” (CityLab)
  • Why Big Oil wants a carbon tax (Vox)
  • Here’s the solution to transportation funding: Republicans want to repeal the federal gas tax (The Hill)
  • Cute video from ITDP Mexico concisely explains the problems of parking (YouTube)
  • Our cars, neighborhoods, and schools are pulling us apart (Washington Post)
  • Blame the engineers for pedestrian deaths (Strong Towns)
  • Google startup Sidewalk Labs to focus on improving cities (NY Times)

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1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. That Move LA article mostly seems like an undirected rant punctuated with random bullet points.

    What I learned from it:

    * Southern California was proposing to leverage half as much money per AHSC contribution as The Bay Area.

    * A lot of Southern California districts don’t have (frequent?) transit services and don’t seem to think that’s a problem.

    * The Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission is really big.

    * Southern California seems to be against infill. (See MLA’s rant about existing residents vs new residents.)

    * Bay Area officials talk to officials in Sacramento. Southern California is considering maybe not snubbing Sacramento too.

    * Bullet points are cool.

    * You can never have too many bullet points.

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