Today’s Headlines

  • Thousands of pedestrians die each year, and Autoblog says it’s all their fault
  • Quick build bikeways are key to the transportation future (Buzzer)
  • A peek at Amtrak’s new made-in-CA railroad cars (Washington Post)
  • San Diego transit agency moves to end outside management of bus drivers (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • CARB scoping plan: More solar and wind power (Daily Kos)
  • A cap-and-trade primer (Treehugger)
  • Spare the Air: No wood fires in Bay Area (SF Chronicle)
  • Bad air, free bus rides in Bakersfield (Turnto23)
  • Oil industry faces the end of the road in CA even without penalties on profits (Politico)
  • Prohousing cities remove barriers to housing production and get state help: Oakland, San Diego, West Sacramento, Roseville, Fontana, and Citrus Heights (Housing and Community Development)
  • COVID eviction protections in L.A. are at an end (LA Times)
  • NY Times says San Francisco is dead

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