Today’s Headlines

  • E-bikes gain momentum as climate solution (Pew Trusts)
  • Feds recommend speed limiters in cars; freakout ensues (Jalopnik)
  • Farmworkers face deadly risks getting to the fields (Patch)
  • OCTA strike averted (LA Times)
  • San Diego allocated $3 million in state funds to renovate highways, add “auxiliary lanes” (Times of San Diego)
  • More state allocations for transportation, highways (Lake County News)
  • New research on police racial profiling adds impetus to reduce cops’ role in traffic stops (SF Chronicle)
  • Downtown Salinas remade into transit-oriented, dense housing “ideal” (Monterey Herald)
  • Builders propose lots of housing, and Santa Monica city council can’t block it because their housing element is out of compliance (The Real Deal)
  • Housing, transportation, and climate top of mind for Sunnyvale city council candidates (Mercury News)
  • Interview: Buttigieg talks about convincing rural drivers that EVs can work (Voz)
  • Why is Prop 30 controversial? (The Guardian)

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