Today’s Headlines

  • Newsom signed a climate package, but what about that parking bill? (Fresno Bee)
  • Why electric vehicles won’t break the grid (Scientific American)
  • Federal funding will help CA add electric charging along highways (CA Energy Commission)
  • The Hummer EV is an environmental disaster (Fast Company)
  • E-bikes are fun, useful, planet-friendly transport (Earth 911)
  • SF Chronicle reporters plan to ride all 27 Bay Area transit agencies in a day, if they can (link without paywall) (Mass Transit)
  • Nonprofit plans a shuttle into Angeles Forest trailheads (Mass Transit)
  • Meeting soon on North San Fernando Valley transit corridor project (The Source)
  • Pasadena City Council finalizes transportation wish list for Metro (Pasadena Now)
  • Pasadena transportation commission to consider pedestrian plan this week (Pasadena Now)
  • One quarter of US adults suffer from transportation insecurity (Washington Center for Equitable Growth)
  • Transit agencies having trouble hiring enough drivers (SmartCitiesDive)
  • Washington DC plans to ban right turns on red, implement Idaho Stop (Washingtonian)
  • U.S. climate advisor: a paradigm shift is taking place (NY Times)
  • Composting your dead self (now legal in CA) is way better for the planet than cremation (The Guardian, LA Times)

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