Today’s Headlines

  • It’s time for each one of us to declare a climate emergency and take action (The Guardian)
  • TV weather forecasters have been targeted for telling the truth (The Guardian)
  • Republican districts are getting the most in clean energy investments – especially CA Congressman Kevin McCarthy (Bloomberg)
  • The real roadblock to climate action is red tape (NY Sun)
  • Fake pro-climate group works to kill the federal climate bill (Heated)
  • Embracing “trauma-informed placemaking” (Bloomberg)
  • Palo Alto wants high-speed rail to be on elevated tracks through its city (TR&S)
  • Humboldt Transit Authority touts its coming hydrogen-powered buses (Mass Transit)
  • How to prepare children to ride transit alone (Driving)
  • BART’s onboard ambassadors seem to be increasing onboard safety (The Crime Report)
  • But somebody got stabbed anyway (Mercury News)
  • Greyhound bus crashes on Highway 99 (Spectrum)
  • Jerry Brown’s thoughts on the Inflation Reduction Act, climate, and a lot of other stuff (LA Times)

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