Today’s Headlines

  • Human activity is making Earth unlivable (IPCC)
  • Oil industry is sneaking a bill through that would require emissions reporting on oil imports – to make in-state drilling look good? Meanwhile they argue against reporting their own emissions (Capital and Main)
  • “Conservation easements” are another way for corporations to avoid cleaning up toxic sites (Reuters)
  • Federal bill fails to prioritize bicycles (People for Bikes)
    • But it does include some incentives for EVs (AP)
  • Owners of fancy and classic cars register them in Montana to skirt emissions rules, avoid fees (Daily Bulletin, Mercury News)
  • BART board reinstates mask mandate (Mercury News)
  • LA County “recommends” but does not require wearing masks indoors (Daily Bulletin)
  • So many bikes end up in urban waterways (The Guardian)
  • Handmade, custom bicycles: one way or the other, the show will go on (Cycling Tips)

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