Today’s Headlines

  • It’s 110 degrees in India. In April. Think that’s fine? (Washington Post, IPCC)
  • We can step off the gas (Toole Design)
  • How did L.A.’s free transit experiment fare? (Crosstown)
  • BART’s Covid ventilation is good. But wear a mask (Mercury News)
  • Transit’s pandemic recovery is complicated (NY Times)
  • BART extension to downtown San Jose is a little short (Mass Transit)
  • Robert Moses wasn’t alone in planning “renewal” via community destruction; it’s a deeply embedded practice (The Baffler)
  • Commuting is bad for your health (BuzzFeed)
  • CA mayors to Newsom: Allocate $3 billion for homelessness (AP)
  • Rising construction costs can stall housing projects (Pew Trusts)
  • Jordan High School, next door to a recycling plant, is filled with lead dust (The Guardian)
  • Inland Empire: The warehouse next door (The Verge)
  • How good are the jobs that will come with California infrastructure investments? (PPIC)
  • Some people want to build surf parks in CA desert (AP)

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