Today’s Headlines

  • Climate action is still urgent (IPCC)
    • But we’d rather freak out and point fingers over the price of gas (SF Chronicle)
  • Lead exposure – from gasoline and car exhaust – made us dumber (The Hill)
  • Federal regulation – and funding – proposed for clean trucks and buses (Reuters, New York Times, CBS, Sacramento Bee)
  • DOT proposes new vehicle safety ratings (The Verge)
  • Who killed the electric mail truck? (Vice)
  • Delaware adopts California’s clean vehicle standards (Transportation Today)
  • Environmental groups press California for more rules to promote EVs (Reuters)
  • Limiting induced demand ain’t easy in a car-loving society (Governing)
  • San Francisco considers upzoning ordinances (SF Chronicle)
  • Bay Area Trails Collaborative seeks to connect 2600 miles of hiking trails (SF Chronicle)

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