Today’s Headlines

  • The power of bike education (Yes!)
  • Biden team prepares $3T stimulus bill (NY Times)
  • California agencies could reap windfall from Biden infrastructure plan (LA Times)
  • Buttigieg: We should be designing for people, not cars (Forbes)
  • CA senators urge Biden to set a date to end sales of gas-powered vehicles (Detroit NewsLaw360)
  • Analyze outcomes of transportation funding, not just how much there is (Transportation for America)
  • California ramping up highway widening projects: In Sacramento, it’s Highway 50 (Sacramento Bee)
  • L.A.’s transit advocates’ hard work is paying off (Transit Center)
  • San Jose connects parking policy with climate (Greenbelt)
  • Diverging diamond dystopia (CNU)
  • Are California oil companies complying with the law? Who knows? (Desert Sun)
  • Oil companies begin their annual meetings, reluctantly pretending to care about the environment (Union of Concerned Scientists)

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