Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Area set to mandate large companies have 60% of their workforce telecommute, based on public feedback (Green Caltrain)
  • Governments that cut spending after the recession fared worse than those that increased it (Route Fifty)
  • In U.S. cities, people pay more – much more – for transit than for parking (City Commentary)
  • Drivers break the law to save time; bicyclists break the law to save lives (Forbes)
  • U.S. Labor Department proposes definition for independent contractors (Yahoo Finance)
  • Bicycles are in high demand and supply can’t keep up – even tires, tubes, cables, etc are getting hard to find (Daily Bulletin)
  • Exercise is key to keeping sane and healthy right now (Capitol Weekly)
  • AirBnB pilots a data “portal” to help cities plan (CityLab)

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