Today’s Headlines

  • Oil industry is using your money to fight a covert, deceptive campaign against climate change policy (The Guardian)
    • And they’re funding a think tank to make their research seem legit (DeSmogBlog)
  • The U.S. Senate transportation bill is terrible for the climate (Transportation for America)
  • Why disparities in transportation access matter to everyone in cities (The CityFix)
  • Stories convince people that climate action is needed (Grist)
  • Local Oakland activists working on climate change (Oaklandside)
  • Uber and Lyft had plenty of time to comply with the law (Endgadget)
    • Court issues 11th-hour reprieve (The Verge)
    • So they won’t be closing down in CA (CNET)
  • Governor Newsom gives last-minute convention speech highlighting climate emergency (SF Chronicle)
  • Smoke and COVID combine to make a Bay Area respiratory catastrophe (SF Chronicle)
  • Bay Area mass transit could resemble Uber or Lyft (SF Chronicle)
  • California deal with automakers: you want to sell cars here? Follow our rules (LA Times)
  • Traffic is ba-a-a-ack (Daily Bulletin)
  • Bipartisanship isn’t enough to make transportation bill good (Transportation for America)

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