Today’s Headlines

  • Study: Rising pedestrian deaths due to darkness, speeding, wide roads, big vehicles (SSTI)
  • Experts: Now is the time to discuss new transportation policies (UC Davis)
  • Europe’s pop-up bikeways during COVID could bring $3 billion in annual health benefits (Forbes)
  • Uber and Lyft are thinking about a franchise model, to get around the law (NY Times)
  • Northern California holds its breath (LA Times)
  • Ways to conserve energy, keep it clean (LA Times)
  • Solar energy storage is crucial (SF Chronicle)
  • Hmmm…. Californians were able to cut energy use to avoid blackouts (Merced Sun Star)
  • Measuring mask compliance (LA Times)
  • Six-story development proposed in downtown San Luis Obispo (Tribune)
  • San Francisco landlords may be willing to lower rent (SF Chronicle)
  • That self-driving bike? MIT is working on it (Autoevolution)

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