Today’s Headlines

  • Early insights into Californian economic impacts from COVID-19 (PPIC)
  • Happiness is just a bike ride away (LA Times)
  • How coronavirus might change transit (SF Chronicle)
  • It’s ‘us vs. them’ – communities lock their gates (SF Chronicle)
  • Poor people are three times more likely to die from coronavirus (LA Times)
  • Arguments that density increases coronavirus risk are off the mark (LA Times)
  • Berkeley was a pioneer on ‘slow streets’ (SF Chronicle)
  • Growing pile of evidence about the toxic load of air pollution (Earth Justice)
  • The beach might not be so safe (LA Times)
  • The pandemic shows what cars have done to cities (The Atlantic)
  • Pedestrian etiquette guide during a pandemic (SF Curbed)
  • Solano moving ahead with widening I-80 (Comstock Magazine)
  • U.S. Department of Justice continues to fight California-Quebec cap-and-trade pact (Law 360)

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