Today’s Headlines

  • Climate change is just as real as COVID-19, and it’s time to treat it with urgency (LA Times)
  • Governor Newsom says staying home is working (Mercury News)
  • L.A. releases first racial breakdown of COVID, and there’s a higher death rate among black people (LA Times)
  • Report: collisions cut in half (Transportation Today)
  • Coronavirus reveals transit’s true mission (CityLab)
  • Act like you already have the coronavirus (LA Times)
  • City transportation changes during pandemic (National League of Cities)
  • Wearing a homemade mask is not so simple for people of color (CNN)
  • Free VMT monitoring for planners (Traffic Technology Today)
  • Applying contagion models to urban congestion (Inverse)
  • Jetliner boneyard in the desert: Where to store airplanes that are not being used (Daily Mail)
  • U.S. Census considers privacy protections that could mean inaccurate data (Fast Company)

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