Today’s Headlines

  • Home is not a safe place for everyone (Huffington Post)
  • Traffic is light, crashes are down, people are driving faster, severity of crashes is up (Land Line, LA Times)
  • First responders are at great risk (LA Times)
  • New sidewalk rules for COVID (NY Times)
  • Cities grapple over whether to give more room to people walking (National Post)
  • COVID-19 may change the way people think about bikes (Treehugger)
  • Who has emergency authority over elections? (ProPublica)
  • Small shops struggle for survival (SF Chronicle)
  • Missing racial data worries health officials (LA Times)
  • Courts halt all evictions in California (SF Chronicle)
  • COVID-19, micromobility, and resilience (NextCity)
  • The soundscape is different (Associated Press)

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