Today’s Headlines

  • Scenes from an empty LA metro (LA Times)
  • Public transit cuts hurt the essential workers who most need it (Wired)
  • $4 billion for CA transit–what that means fro Sacramento (Sacramento Business Journal)
  • Trump rolls back fuel economy standards (LA Times)
  • Trump wants to give out money without having to say who gets it: signs relief bill, rejects oversight (SF Chronicle)
  • Tracking data show Californians are (mostly) staying at home (Sacramento Bee)
  • Cities all over the world are more walkable now, and there may be no going back (Reuters)
  • Governor Newsom insists on social pressure to enforce stay-at-home rules (LA Times)
  • Social distancing could be working–but no way to tell for sure, yet (LA Times, Sacramento Bee)
  • San Francisco reconsiders whether construction should continue under shelter-at-home order (SF Chronicle)
  • What the coronavirus outbreak looks like in your metro area (with cautions about the data) (City Commentary)
  • Newsom bans evictions statewide (Sacramento Bee)
  • Talk of a nationwide rent strike as the economy grind to a halt (USA Today)

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