Today’s Headlines

  • Navigation apps changed the politics of traffic (CityLab)
  • Uber to challenge L.A.’s suspension of its scooter, bike permit (LA Times)
  • BART apologizes; man who got cuffed for eating a sandwich ain’t having it (NY Times)
  • Laguna Beach garners awards for parking app (Patch)
  • Tolls are coming to Highway 101 in Bay Area (Palo Alto Daily Post)
  • South Orange County looks for public input on proposed “traffic improvements” (new highway lanes) (Patch)
  • CARB changes EV rebate program to benefit more people (LA Times)
  • Risk of stroke linked to exposure to local traffic emissions (SSTI)
  • Trump’s EPA says air pollution can’t kill you (Heated)
    • Claims this is about “transparency” (NY Times)
  • How Paris created a bicycle boom (Ozy)

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