Today’s Headlines

  • Sunday was international car-free day, although you may not have noticed (Guardian, World Economic Forum)
  • To fix polarization, get politicians out of cars (Politico)
  • Women face extra challenges on transit (Metro Magazine)
  • California has to overhaul its transportation system to fight climate change (SF Chronicle)
  • Finally, California requires a smog check for trucks. Wasn’t this already a thing? It was not (Mercury News)
  • Why congestion pricing make sense (US News)
  • Nobody actually wants to be a “supercommuter” (CityObservatory)
  • Emeryville may scrap parking requirements for all new buildings (East Bay Times)
  • Parking reform will save the city (CityLab)
  • CARB approves Tropical Forest Standard, but it remains controversial (The Real News Network, SF Chronicle)
  • California vs. Trump on climate change (LA Times)
  • Navigation apps are making traffic completely unmanageable (IEEE Spectrum)
  • Uber and Lyft drivers use an app to organize (NY Times)

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