Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Area heat is hard on everyone, including BART (SF Chronicle)
  • Bike lanes need to be for everyone (Fast Company)
  • Should public transit fares be abolished? (Urbanist)
  • 25 years after Speed, bus speeds in L.A. are quite a bit slower than 50 mph (Transfers)
  • Google is making lots of money from local news (via advertising) while local outlets are dying (support your local newspaper)  (New York Times)
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation calls scooter bill A.B. 1112 a “privacy” bill–even though it does nothing to prevent collection of trip data
  • More about Lyft suing S.F. over bike-share (Curbed)
  • Do young people have a constitutional right to protection from climate change? White House says no, but court case proceeds. Slowly. (NY Times)
  • Why Oregon’s cap-and-trade matters to California (CALmatters)
  • Making a case for carbon offsets (
  • Court reverses ruling that blocked Keystone Pipeline (KTVQ)

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