Today’s Headlines

  • Almost here: MyFig (LA Magazine)
  • This can’t wait for long-term planning: cities connect an interim bikeway on Peninsula (Palo Alto Online)
  • BART gets federal grant for police patrols, security cameras, radio communications
  • The differences between roundabouts and traffic circles are not trivial (Getting Around Sac)
  • Turns out there’s a lot of latent demand for scooters (Vox)
  • Your city may not be changing as fast as you think it is (Strong Towns)
  • Democratic candidates challenging Republican incumbents oppose the gas tax (Sacramento Bee, LA Times)
  • At least one poll says the gas tax repeal is failing (Probolsky Research)
  • Tejon Ranch want$ to build a brand new city at the far reaches of everything (LA Times)
  • Neighborhoods need more than parks and bike lanes (Inverse)
  • Who speaks up about housing development (RouteFifty)

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