Today’s Headlines

  • Napa transit agency honors bus workers for efforts during fire (Napa Valley Register)
  • New open space preserve set to open in San Mateo county (East Bay Times)
  • Napa Valley honors walkers, cyclists with art work on trail (Napa Valley Register)
  • San Francisco set to be first US city to price all parking based on demand (SF Gate)
  • ICYMI: BlueGoGo may have taken the money and run (The Guardian)
  • Cities, including Fresno and Chula Vista, are going to dangerous extremes to court Amazon HQ2 (CityLab)
  • Oil industry, after pushing for rollbacks on climate change rules, now worries it’s all gone too far (LA Times)
  • Among its other horrors, Republican tax bill would end investments in renewable energy (Washington Post)
  • L.A. is ready for the next mobility revolution (CityLab)
  • New owners fire most of LA Weekly’s editorial staff (LA Times)
    • Staff asks: Who owns the paper? (LA Weekly), or here in case that one gets deleted

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