Today’s Headlines

  • Road signs suck. What if we just got rid of them all? (Vox)
  • Palo Alto set to approve new bike bridge (Palo Alto Online)
  • The gender gap in bicycling: Stop conditioning women to be scared (Fast Company)
  • When women ride bikes in Turkey, it’s a political statement (Ahval News)
  • Transit can get hacked, too (CityLab)
  • New pedestrian safety lights up, but not on, in Vallejo (Times-Herald News)
  • L.A. weighs plan to allow denser development at transit stations (LA Times)
  • LAO report misses the point: Cap-and-trade is a motivator, not CA’s primary emission reduction policy (NRDC)
  • Gas tax repeal effort begins gathering signatures (Times of San Diego)
  • Private bus services crowd-source routes; Can that work for everyone? (Mercury News)
  • High speed rail opponents request emergency audit; Committee head says seek a regular, more public one (LA Times)

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  1. I don’t really agree with the idea that the issue with getting women cycling is stuff like women being afraid to “take up space” or things like that. Even if those are things that women are conditioned to avoid, I think the real issue (which the article touches on, and then shoots past) is simply that cycling in the US is often inherently physically risky, and men are known to in general be willing to engage in physically riskier behavior than women. I don’t think that’s the same thing as being willing to yell at a driver.

    P.S. Said link goes to the AMP version of the article. Not a huge deal but can you try to post the direct links? On desktop, the AMP page results in a mobile page that’s ill-formatted for desktop.

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