Ask the Editor: (Almost) Anything You Want to Know

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For our regular year-end fundraising, we wanted to try something a little different this year. Streetsblog California is inaugurating “Ask the Editor,” a short podcast/post in which our editors will answer questions — or try to — that you have about transportation in California.

Do you have a burning question about what’s happening to make California’s transportation system cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable? Join editors Melanie Curry, Damien Newton, and Jason Islas on four Fridays in December as we tackle the big questions.

Ask us (almost) anything, from what’s the longest/most fun bike ride we did this year to where is the gas tax money going and when will we see results? Do you want to know more about how cap-and-trade is supposed to reduce emissions, or how Caltrans’ new bike plan can support better biking? Or maybe how Streetsblog readers can help make California a better place for healthy transportation choices?

Send your questions to melanie [at]  or tweet them @streetsblogcal and we will do our best to address them with respect and good humor. If your question gets chosen, we’ll send you a sweet thank you to show our gratitude.


Caltrans Goals: Triple Biking, Double Walking and Transit by 2020

Caltrans released its new Strategic Management Plan [PDF], and it includes priorities and performance targets that show the department is serious about reforming itself. The new plan includes active transportation and Vision Zero, within its priority number one, “Safety and Health.” It also cites a goal of tripling bicycle mode share and doubling walking and […]