Today’s Headlines

  • Sacramento tests a protected bikeway (Getting Around Sac, Sacramento Bee)
  • Why are we scaring kids away from walking to school? (TreeHugger)
  • Authority plans better rail connection between Sacramento and the Central Valley (Sacramento Bee)
  • Metrolink unveils “clean” diesel locomotives (SGVT)
  • More on pedestrian countdown signal bill (Curbed, KQED)
  • You don’t say, AAA? “Complex infotainment systems” putting driver’s lives at risk? (And what about everyone else on the road?) (LA Times)
  • It’s not crazy to ban gas-powered cars in California (Sacramento Bee)
  • It’s crazy to ban gas-powered cars in California (SF Examiner)
  • CA Congressional Republicans throw down against gas tax, calling it a “bailout” but offering no alternative (LA Times)
  • Big Sur bridge set to open on Highway 1 (US News)
  • Reopening clean car standards is harmful, unjustified (NRDC)
  • Singapore, bike-share companies outline agreement on bike parking; companies will adopt “geo-fencing” (ChannelNewsAsia)
  • Governor Brown’s Rolling Stone interview

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