Today’s Headlines

  • Why peak period road pricing is fair (City Observatory)
  • Study: People who buy fuel efficient cars tend to drive them more—and to buy gas guzzlers as second cars (SF Chronicle)
  • Commuting by skateboard (Davis Enterprise)
  • More on reinstatement of federal rule re transportation greenhouse gas emissions (Pacific Standard)
  • Fresno meets to decide which projects will get some of its $70m in cap-and-trade money (Valley Public Radio)
  • The environmental risks of California’s cap-and-trade system (ZME Science)
  • How Vancouver got over half its residents walking, biking, and taking transit—within a few years of setting that goal (Curbed)
  • Vox video: How Barcelona reclaimed its streets for people
  • People driving with suspended licenses is a huge problem, for them as well as everyone else (Slate)
  • Too few homes on the low end: The U.S. housing market only looks healthy (CNBC)
  • Mathematicians apply game theory to predict pedestrian behavior (
  • Video: How we clean BART cars (oh and BART is hiring for this job)

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