Today’s Headlines

  • Lyft embraces road diets, slower streets as a way to fix L.A. traffic (CNN)
  • Parents and students take San Bernardino administrators on their walk to school so they can see conditions firsthand (SB Sun)
  • Hundreds of bills await the governor’s pen (Capital Public Radio)
  • Despite everything we know about how dangerous it is to text and drive, most drivers believe they can do it safely (Ride Apart)
  • Despite everything we know about climate change and traffic, we’ll be darned if we’re gonna give up our cars (LA Times)
  • For football fans and climate change deniers alike, ignoring the science is easier than making necessary changes in their own lives (Washington Post)
  • Bay Area freeway traffic growing fast (East Bay Times)
  • How proposed Bay Area bridge toll would be spent (East Bay Times)
  • Corporations adopt internal carbon pricing plans (Planetizen)
  • A healthy environment and a healthy economy are not at odds with each other (NRDC)
  • L.A.’s housing crisis is now the nation’s housing crisis (LA Weekly)

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