Today’s Headlines

  • Long-distance Amtrak trains—including the Coast Starlight—could get the axe (SF Chronicle)
    • ….and so could climate change research (Daily News)
  • The connections between affordable housing and climate change (Sacramento Bee)
  • CA’s cap-and-trade system: It’s the cap that matters (Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Massacre: In CA, 35 people were killed in traffic over holiday weekend (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Sacramento river will get a paved trail connection to Midtown (Sacramento Bee)
  • S.F. contemplates expansion of transit-only lanes “experiment” (NextCity)
  • Public transit’s effect on real estate prices (
  • When freedom’s just another word for “get out of my way” (Frontier Group)
  • What have we sacrificed for transportation independence? (Strong Towns)
  • Some thoughts about revitalizing and gentrifying neighborhoods (Granola Shotgun)
  • Video: Awwww, puppy thinks he’s pedaling that bike <3 (SB Nation)

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