Today’s Headlines

  • Governor Brown steps in to ask the feds for Caltrain’s promised money: “Can we discuss this on the phone?” —and, incredibly, the LA Times once again conflates Caltrain and High Speed Rail
  • Menlo Park plans to merge transportation, bicycle commissions (Mercury News)
  • We keep building near freeways, despite evidence that it makes people sick (LA Times)
    • Here’s the work that went into reporting that story (LA Times)
  • What cities looked like before the EPA existed (CityLab)
  • To fight climate change, California needs all its tools (Sacramento Bee)
  • How California holds a trump card on the environment (The Atlantic)
  • Freight trucking costs us all a lot of money (City Commentary)
  • This tool compares cities on equity, resilience, housing (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
  • Google mappers are also census takers (The Economist)

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3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. “an audit could be conducted of the state’s troubled high-speed rail project’s finances.”

    Let’s get the audit done. Should be rather revealing, and the public deserves it – at minimum.

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