Today’s Headlines

  • CA transportation funding proposal asks drivers to pay their fair share (Landline Magazine)
  • What the just-passed greenhouse gas target laws might mean (Lexology)
  • Pass the cap & trade investment plan to create jobs and clean the air (Global Trade Daily)
  • Proposed cap & trade investment plan would benefit San Joaquin Valley (Yahoo)
  • More thoughts on Uber competing with transit (Human Transit)
  • South Bay cities sue LA Metro over Measure M ballot language (LACurbed)
  • Feds release 2015 traffic fatality data and want your help analyzing it (FastLane)
  • Cities need to think about streets in a whole new way (Transportist)
  • High speed rail critics find new things to grouse about (LA Times)

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1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Yes, those cranky critics of the high-speed rail project, “grousing” about the train to Nowhere just because it doesn’t have the money to build the first segment. $2.9 billion from the Feds? Not likely, even in Hillary’s administration. And Dan Richard keeps the “private investment” fantasy alive.

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