Today’s Headlines

  • The “mystery” behind gas prices in California—Hint: it’s not just what we pay for cleaner air (SF Chronicle)
  • Oil industry lobbyist authored Assemblymember’s demand for audit of climate change program (LA Times)
  • Meanwhile there are real-life repercussions now for delay in cap-and-trade funding decisions (LA Times)
  • Long Beach is one of six cities to join “tactical urbanism” workshop (Arch Paper)
  • California State Transportation Agency awards $390M to public transit projects across state (CalSTA)
  • San Mateo finds local funding to study HOV lanes (San Mateo Daily Journal)
  • On the limits of ride-hail as transit (Human Transit)
  • We are under attack from climate change—and need to mobilize to fight back (New Republic)
  • Report: California’s messed up land use is blocking ability to meet climate change goals (Bay Area Council)
  • Developers need to get involved in local planning for infill (Ethan Elkind)
  • Why affordable housing is so expensive: interactive tool explains all (Housing Finance)

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