Today’s Headlines

  • Electric bikes are better than driving (TreeHugger)
  • Plans forming for Bakersfield high speed rail station (
  • SCAG is shocked: No federal grants for freight projects (LA Daily News)
  • Air Resources Board releases plan for future of cap and trade (LA Times)
  • California finds potential partners for cap and trade (Sacramento Bee)
  • Oil lobby’s claims about climate change policies were wrong (NRDC)
  • Clueless article confuses Caltrans with gas tax authority, ascribes road charge test to bloated, inefficient bureaucracy (Breitbart)
  • The value of value capture (City Observatory)
  • Pokemon GO is causing waves:
    • It’s everything that’s wrong with late capitalism (Vox)
    • It’s helping people discover their cities (Fast)
    • It requires these etiquette tips (

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  • More partners for cap and trade is nice, but at the end of the day, knowing that the smelter down the street is buying forest land in a rain forest halfway around the world does nothing to actually address the issues that are being caused in my community. Hopefully, CARB doesn’t just use the potential partnerships as a way to provide polluters a way to be compliant without actually making improvements.