#DamienTalks 42: Sam Tepperman-Gelfant and the Governor’s Housing Proposal

Today, #DamienTalks with Sam Tepperman-Gelfant, a senior staff attorney with Public Advocates about Governor Jerry Brown’s legislative language to streamline the environmental process for certain types of housing development.

#DamienTalksPublic Advocates was one of the leaders in circulating a letter criticizing Brown’s language, charging that the governor’s stated goal won’t be met by his proposal. In

Instead, they argue that Brown’s legislation would hinder communities, especially lower-income communities, from having a say in how their communities grow. At the same time, the legislation would do little to increase the state’s supply of affordable housing.

Two weeks ago, #DamienTalks featured Jason Islas, the editor of Santa Monica Next, explaining how he and many other pro-growth advocates for increasing our state’s housing stock feel the legislation is much-needed. However, many of the groups opposing the measure are affordable housing advocates from cities and communities from around the state, representing the very people the bill is intended to assist.

Tepperman-Gelfant expects the legislation to be publicly debated next month. Get up-to-date on the progressive argument on both sides of the debate by listening to my interview with Tepperman-Gelfant below and the interview with Islas from two weeks ago.

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