Today’s Headlines

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  • Governor Brown proposes major overhaul of state Public Utilities Commission (LA Times)  (SF Chronicle)
    • which would shift oversight of Uber, Lyft etc to California State Transportation Agency (SF Gate)
  • Facebook expansion in Santa Clara has people nervous about traffic and housing (Mercury News)
  • Anaheim streetcar hits a bump (Orange County Register)
  • San Diego transportation sales tax measure will bring a major ballot campaign (San Diego Union-Tribune)
  • Data show complex picture of traffic into and out of Marin (Marin Independent Journal)
  • Small businesses are learning to love bike lanes (Globe and Mail)
  • Low auction results strengthen legal case for cap and trade (Capitol Weekly)
  • Climate change policy is more than just pricing carbon (Vox)
  • It’s still legal to use a phone for some things while driving—but a new bill would change that (Sacramento Bee)
  • Learning to tax travel, not gas (Washington Post)
  • Google’s owner Alphabet has plans with Columbus, Ohio, winner of federal Smart City challenge (Guardian)

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