Today’s Headlines

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  • San Diego approves long-term mobility plan that add cycletracks, bike lanes, greenways (San Diego Union-Tribune)  (LA Times)
  • Efforts to encourage biking on BART are paying off (Patch) (Fox)
  • More on fatal SF crashes, reactions (NBC)
  • Bicycle riders need to report dangerous driving maneuvers (Cycling in the South Bay)
  • Cap-and-trade:
  • San Joaquin Valley Air District petitions US EPA for national standard for clean trucks and trains (Transport Topics)
  • Highway congestion needs to be priced (Mobility Lab)
  • San Jose Sharks use environmental law to oppose a mixed-use project near transit because it would remove parking (Business Journals)
  • Transportation sales tax measures:
    • Who’s left out of LA Metro’s sales tax funding plan? (Planetizen)
    • San Diego’s spending plan is better after advocates’ work (Circulate San Diego)
    • Placer County closer to approving measure for November ballot (Rocklin Today)

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