Today’s Headlines

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  • California’s cap-and-trade program is working (LA Times)
    • And that last auction does not signify its collapse (Sacramento Bee)
  • Last-minute bill would let HSR money go towards electrification of Caltrain, as originally planned (Sacramento Bee)
  • Latest work on HSR: The Fresno trench (High Speed Rail Authority)
  • Would LA’s sales tax measure ease traffic? (KPCC)
  • San Francisco lost the “Smart City” grant (SF Examiner)
  • UC Berkeley study finds spending on public health has very high return on investment (Daily Californian)
  • Study: Too many Californians are driving while on the phone (Action News Now)
  • See Jane Go: Female-only ride-share service to launch in Orange County (LAist)
  • Tonight: BART board gets update on bike plan progress (BART)
  • After Uber and Lyft left Austin, no biggie (CityLab)

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