Today’s Headlines

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  • Head of CA Senate calls for hearing on Measure R2 spending plan (Long Beach Press Telegram)
  • Don’t ignore CSUN in Measure R2 (Los Angeles Daily News)
  • SF Bicycle Coalition names new director (SFGate)
  • What’s misleading about that recent analysis of transit frequency in the U.S. (Human Transit)
  • CTC luminaries say: Do something about CA roads (Sacramento Bee)
  • Open transit data is a major success story (Sunlight Foundation)
  • A car  can get from DTLA to Santa Monica a few minutes faster than a bike or train—if that’s what matters (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Taxis, ride-hail services clash over legislation in Sacramento (Sacramento Bee)
  • It’s time to update archaic bike registry laws  (East Bay Times)
  • Christo’s floating pier is a really good idea for pedestrian infrastructure (Gizmodo)
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime the opportunity to get transportation right (Bacon’s Rebellion)
  • San Francisco could legalize in-law units across the city (CurbedSF)
  • Waze to introduce feature in L.A. that would guide drivers away from dangerous left turns (CityLab)

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